all my bags are packed, im ready to go im standin’ here outside your door, i hate to wake you up to say goodbye

LSS lang :)
take it slow. slowly but surely. in perfect moment. in God’s time.
listening to coldplay.. ghost stories album. #relaxing

Honesty Hour >>


A few years ago, I loved a boy with the stars in his eyes yet sadness in his heart.

Every day, I would give even the tiniest bit of my sunshine to ease his pain. Part of me thought that my love could envelop his pain and turn it into something beautiful. I was terribly wrong.

He was, by far, my…

not in the mood to talk to everyone.. i feel like i need to be alone. i want to travel alone. i want to breathe fresh air. i need something new. i feel like worthless every daily routine. lack of motivation.

feeling blue….